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Legendary Golf Clubhouses
of the U.S. and Great Britain

Richard J. Diedrich, FAIA

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278 color pages
Hardbound with french fold jacket

Legendary Golf Clubhouses of the U.S. and Great Britain

The game of golf enjoys a history that spans more than five centuries. While much has been celebrated and written regarding golf course design, there has been little focus on an important anchor of the golfing experience—the clubhouse. Early on, places were found for refreshments and camaraderie among players, however the golf clubhouse didn’t appear until the nineteenth century. Not surprisingly, one of the first clubhouses became an early phaseof The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

A veritable history of clubhouse architecture, this volume of Richard J. Diedrich’s various publications on the subject introduces you to the finest legendary clubhouses in the United States and Great Britain. Beginning with the mid-nineteenth century and progressing through the early 1930s, the clubhouses are chronologically bookended by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and Augusta National Golf Club.

Diedrich’s highly acclaimed first book, The 19th Hole: Architecture of the Golf Clubhouse, profiled golf clubhouses in the United States and was only the second book to chronicle and document the architecture of existing golf clubhouses. The first, Golf and Country Clubs, by Clifford Charles Wendehack was published in 1929.

Now Diedrich follows up on his first exploration into the inner sanctums of golf’s hallowed halls with this lavishly illustrated work, this time focusing on forty-five important examples of historically significant architecture against the backdrop of a game that continues to enthrall players and spectators throughout the world.

This book is an important addition to the library of any golf enthusiast interested in both the history of the game and the culture that surrounds it.

Richard J. Diedrich, FAIA is an award-winning architect and consultant specializing in golf clubhouse design. In addition to collaborating with some of the best golf course architects in the world, Diedrich has designed, programmed, and consulted on over 120 facilities in the United States and fourteen countries, including Egypt, Ukraine, China, Russia, and Great Britain. Jack Nicklaus proclaims, “Few people understand the synergies that must coexist between the sport and the clubhouse better than Diedrich.” At the request of Harvard University, he developed and for sixteen years taught a professional development course on the programming, planning, and design of clubhouses.

Approached by John Wiley & Sons to write a book on recreational facility design, Diedrich authored Building Type Basics for Recreational Facilities in 2005. The book has gone on to become an important resource for architects, designers, and developers worldwide.

Also an accomplished fine artist, Diedrich created the watercolor site plans for each club in the book. Although the plans are done in traditional transparent watercolor, he typically paints landscape abstractions in his studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nicklaus states, "Few people I have met over my decades of designing golf courses understand the synergies that must co-exist between the golf course and the clubhouse better than architect Richard Diedrich."
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